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  • MARAA FADELA " Virtuous Woman"  TV SHOW




Maraa Fadela Presentation 

Roads of Success has produced the Maraa Fadela program to provide service to millions of Arabic speaking women and men internationally. The program offers educational and inspirational guidance to Middle Eastern communities around the world .The program’s main topics include facing daily issues in the household according to God's word, female political and human rights, contributing to your community, and guidance on how to unlock your full potential in your career and personal life.  The show also fosters positive traditions while fighting unhealthy traditions such as female genital mutilation, lack of higher education, suppression of women’s rights and unhealthy eating.  

Maraa Fadela provides service by educating and entertaining and mentoring viewers on struggles that women face daily and solutions to defeat both historically repeated and modern problems in the household by integrating God's word in their daily life. The show has been on air since November 2005. This program has successfully been aired on two television stations (The Healing Channel and Alkarma TV) and rated as one of the best shows to air on both stations. The show’s popularity has been evidenced by the overwhelmingly high rate of devout viewers tuning in and the daily increase of positive feedback from all over the world.  

The program is now expanding its limits by featuring many new topics that deal with controversial and important issues existing beyond the household. The program will feature sets of new series which include, “understanding your political and human rights as a woman in the Middle East”, “ reaching your goals and finding your career”, “expanding your limits as a woman”, “how to build strong relationships with God and people"  The program also has a goal of widening its range of viewers by airing Maraa Fadela on a variety of  Christian television stations that target many different audiences and reach the whole world through satellite.

From April 2009 to June 2010, The Program received over 62,000 responses.

The Program reaches 357,000,000 potential viewers in 22 countries all over the Arab World and over 12,000,000 potential Arabic speaking viewers in Europe, South and North America 

To watch the program, please press here : www.mfadela.org  

From Heart to Heart Live Show Program

From Heart to Heart Presentation

From Heart to Heart is a live monthly program where we can communicate directly with our viewers, they can call in from all over the world, the program discuss issues that is relating to the Christian life in household.

Some of the subjects addressed on the program : Relation with Mother in Law, Husband and Wife relationship, Prayers for the family, Motherhood, A man after God's Heart, Difference between Men and Women, Witchcraft and its impact, Handling teenagers,......etc. 

The program started on February 2009

The Host Yvette Isaac El-Biady brings guests who are spiritually and educationally recognized

During the 2 hours live program, we receive an average of 200 phone calls + emails 

After the show we refer the questions of the viewers to follow up consultants 

To watch us on the live show, please press here : www.mfadela.org  




We do Seven Things to Accomplish Our Mission

       Television Ministry – Recorded and live Christian programs , Drama, and Spots.

        Music Ministry –P&W Songs, Musicals, Video clips and Concerts.

      Mission Trips – Medical, Handicapped and Underprivileged, Conferences and Training.

        Internet Ministry – Interactive and Static Site, Face book and  Chat rooms.

       Follow-up Ministry – Calls, Mail, Letters, Email, Literature and mailers.

       Empowering Events – Large evangelism gatherings, Secular TV programs and Newspaper articles.

    Prayer Initiative - we are building prayer army all over the world.





Handicapped &


TV Program: VW Focusing on spiritual, physical and emotional needs

 Program Motto: “I make the choice and God makes the change”

  30,000 response from April 2009 until  now

TV Programs – “A Man After God’s Heart”

Biblical part is already done

Developing Christian spots, songs, and musicals.

Ministry began in 2007 and is continuously growing.

The “Esther Project” – preparing women and girls for the King and his Kingdom


The “Esther Project” – preparing women and girls for the King and his Kingdom


Prayer Groups

Prayer Movement via TV programming – share prayer requests and have viewers commit to an allocated time of prayer for them

Wise Men TV Program

(Teaching practical application of the Wisdom of God)

Testimonies and discussion


Conferences and large gatherings (20,000 in downtown Cairo , with an ever-growing wheelchair ministry)

Online Chat: 50,000 online viewers are expected to chat on this site.


Teaching practical applications and examples about the wisdom of God and about the value of men in God’s eyes.


In 2009 we visited the “garbage city” in Egypt (Helwan City-15 May City) to initially assess their needs, distribute food and toys, and provide spiritual food through the Healing Channel by installing satellite dishes to view Christian programs

Fighting Harmful Traditions – FGM: More work needed

Women with HIV

-What Women Desire in a Husband and Father:


Temptation that man faces and How  to Overcome it

 Street Children with HIV

We were able to provide electrical generators at church of the garbage city, and are making plans to help  their essential needs

Encouraging other ministries to a partner with us 

Partnering with local Network to help Abused Women

Mothers going back to school project

How to be a Man of  Prayer for your family and for society


We are in the process of providing barrels of drinking water since they have no access of water


Sent Materials –Bibles  CDs, books, Literature, etc

Sent Materials –Bibles  CDs, books, Literature, etc

Sent Materials –Bibles  CDs, books, Literature, etc

Giving materials –Bibles  CDs, books, Literature, food ,blankets extra

For more information and pictures Visit   www.maraafadela.org

Phone # : 626-359-2537

For more information and pictures Visit   www.maraafadela.org

Phone # : 626-359-2537

For more information and pictures Visit www.maraafadela.org

Phone # : 626-359-2537

For more information and pictures Visit www.maraafadela.org

Phone # : 626-359-2537







Note : Some major steps are already taken in each and every area mentioned through TV programs, spots, visits, conferences, mission trips.  God is giving us favor with government officials, Catholics, Orthodox and Muslim leaders.

Medical Help: Two major things took place in 2009 with regards to the medical ministry.  First, through God’s divine networking and association with different organizations, we were able to send medical equipment to El-Salam Medical Center . Second, we also sent physical therapists to do some advanced training with their physical therapists. As Christian Hospitals and Medical Centers in Egypt expressed a need for training of their nurses and janitorial staff, we are now in the process of forming a group to go into this area.

Music Ministry: Using Arabic-style music to reach the Muslims and non-believers through full music productions for TV and full gatherings and concerts.  Through the gifts and talents God installed in us, we are pioneering in musicals, one already produced and aired with great impacting results.

Please Note that the text highlighted in blue   addresses projects that are currently in progress or have not yet been implemented